Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So the verdict is in.........................AHAHHAHAHAHAH! Dakota Fanning is to play Jane, in a fantastic movie called New Moon. I really don't know if I like Ms. Fanning as an actress, (mind I said actress, I hate how they call women actress's actors now!) in the movie War of the Worlds all she did was scream and yell for her mother. I haven't seen Push yet but it looks some what well put together, I am Sam was a fantastic movie, Fanning and her little sister did a crazy good job on that one, Charlotte's Web didn't fascinate me in the slightest. But the thing that is getting to me right now is that they are putting very well known actors and actresses (which are called a-Lister's.) into the movie, having a a-Lister is well and good but they should be placing others into the mix not well known actors and actresses that for them and their career is that this could be their big brake. At first I was way peeved about having Fanning play Jane, but now the main thing is that just think about the other actresses that would've played her and have this be their big time. Having a 15 play a vampire is okay, fine, dandy! I'm just hoping I'll get to see a lot of Jacob Black in this movie! TEAM JACOB!!