Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a beautiful Present!

This beautiful picture is just outside my side door, isn't it beautiful?!?!

Monday, May 25, 2009


SO TODAY WAS MEMORIAL DAY!!! Some extended family and immediate family hiked to the "white M" in Morgan today, it was very very very hard but it was way worth it! I have loads of pictures to place on here today!! I'm way excited! Okay so the first bunch of pictures are of my sister, other sister, and my big brother and his wife.
The first picture is Me, Kaitlynn, Emily, Bryan, and Annie. The picture below is of Annie and what she's like most of the time around us! Emily dragging Annie up the rocky path!

This is me after hiking all the way to the TOP!!!

This is what was our prize at the bottom! His name is Luke, and he's my cute little nephew!

So while we were eating, Luke was getting chased by Emily and he was just a laughing! It was just so cute, it's filmed sideways so I apologize! I'll try to fix it in a little while, sorry once again!
I just think that it's so funny! This is Zachary, he is a handsome young man! I just love my nephews so much and I don't know what I would do without them! This other young man is Brock and he's Zachary's older brother, I couldn't get a picture of Brock today, so this is when Brock came to hangout at Grandma's house to plant the garden! So that was our Memorial Day, hope yours was just as good, I know mine was! Love, Kirstie.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MY BOYS!!! and girls!

All of my life the ratio of my friends being girls probably ended up being.....not many. Most of my friends are boys. But here's a story, and I'm a very visual person so I'm going to show you pictures! When I was a small, (well I still am!) Sophomore I made friends with the coolest bunch of kids ever! We had a blast! But there was a small, okay huge problem, THEY WERE SENIORS! Yes me the classic wonder made friends with mostly Seniors, hey I still had my amazing groupies from the Valley that I had known all of my life. I wanted to meet new people, and eventually as it is sad to say, I drifted away from the amazing groupies that I had from the Valley and ended up with some great amazing friendships!

So this picture is of my 16th birthday! It was a blast! Okay I'll start with the picture on the left, people from the left; Spencer, (I'm not going to write last names.) Me!, Eric, Brett, Daniel, Olivia, Charity. (Michelle was taking the pictures!) Okay now the picture on the right, there is a story about this one Brett and I got into a heated discution about the lays at my birthday party and he said something to the effect Spencer got into it, and then somehow they ended on Spencer! What good ridiculus memories! Okay now the picture below, Brett and Eric are having a dicution on the limbo stick, those two! Oh and Brett comes home in JULY!!!! YAHAHYAYAHAY!!! Exciting day!!!!

Okay now here's the rest of my story... So, after these great Seniors left and something great happened... I became friends with the little brothers and sisters in my grade of my Senior friends! I just want to write and tell all of my friends, that I love them and I'm very greatfull that they have been there for me when I just need people to listen or to vent to, or to get advice from.
At the beginning of my post I said that most of my friends are guys, it's been that way all of my life, I just get along with guys better than girls, but the best of friends that I've had or have right now are girls! But anyways, most of my guy friends are some of my biggest role models, I've had a gole since my big brother Nate went on a mission to follow in his shoes and not only have my dad, my oldest brother Bry, but now all of my other "brothers", actually "my boys" are now getting their mission calls, most of them have already left on their missions.
These are just two of my many best friends that I have!! Eric is on the left, and Patrick is the one to the right, this is Patty's farewell get together afterwords.(Micah is in the background behind Patty!) Eri is like my Dr. Phil, he gives the best advice, it's just amazing! Eri is plain honest, which is wonderful! He has helped me through so much! He's going to Brazil for his mission in July! Micah is just Micah, he helped me correct my English essays that were somehow never on time!
Patty is one of the greatest people that I know, he is just amazing! Not only is he just there when you need to talk he also listens! He is just Patrick, he's an amazing actor and quite frankly there isn't anyone like him! Oh I just miss him!
So this is Jacob. He's one of a kind! He's just......AMAZING!!! He and his best friend Trevor are just the coolest people ever. Jacob is just Jacob. Trevor is a very great friend also, because he knows when things aren't good. He's just an amazing friend! Oh and Jacob left for Madrid, Spain his mission Febuary or was it March? I'll have to check and change that! Oh what a great friend I am!

Okay this is my favorite picture! It has all of my boys in it. Only one of them I didn't really call my boy, but I love it anyways! (from the left) Michael(mission), Kyle(mission), Tyson, Drew, Jacob(mission), Micah, Patrick(mission), Cameron(mission), (bottom) William, Michael(got his call), Eric(got his call).
Now this is just crazy!
Okay I should have two more boys and a girl in this picture! AHHAHAH! Okay Left is Michael, got his mission call, his farewell is in June. Me my mission is in two years, right when they get home! Cameron, left about the same time as Jacob! They are two of my Amegos! The other three Amegos! are Jordan and Braden, Jordan lives in Alabama(still mad about that Jordan), and Braden lives about 15 minutes from me and Emily!
But these boys are just crazy! But I miss one bestest friends Emily, she lives in Logan now, and I just miss her to death, but hey that life right?!

So I was kidnapped by my best buds in this world, Michelle and Daniel. Oh and they are the older brother and sister of Jacob. But anyways they kidnapped my and then we went to see another friend "Little Joe", and then we went to see the new movie "Angels and Demons". (Which is a fantastic movie, go see it!) It was just so much fun! We just to have another friend in our group Spencer, but he went to BYU-Idaho, and I sort of miss his rediculus ideas and thoughts!!

This was a while ago, anyways, Michelle, (who is taking the pictures again, what's up with this!?) Daniel, Spencer, and I had an amazing idea of raiding Acher's and make our own dinner! That platter on the counter isn't dinner, that would be a platter of BROWNIES!! Just us goofing off! Spencer didn't understand at all what we were trying to accomplish here!
I forgot what was going on in this one!
But that is what's going on in my life!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Every Thing Happens For A Reason!!

So tonight was Seminary Graduation. Wow! To think that just one year ago I was doing the same thing that my little sis is doing!
My little sis is one of the stongest people you will ever meet! I mean it to, she really is strong! But in another meaning she is very strong, she is great with people. She is amazing and I know that we don't always get along, yes we fight and don't get eachother a lot. She is always be there to help me along, when I'm having a bad day at work or having stupid boy problems, she's always there!
I love my little sis, and I hope in time to come I can always have her back like she has mine!!